2022 Open Zoom sessions

Our annual advice on NZ ETS settings

April 2022

Hear from our principal analysts about our work to deliver the first of what will be annual advice to the Government on the NZ ETS unit limits and price control settings. We will provide this advice to the Minister of Climate Change – who is required to update unit limit and price control settings every year. This is to help keep the NZ ETS aligned to emissions reduction targets and give market participants information they need.

Our upcoming advice on agricultural emissions

February 2022

Hear from our Principal Analysts leading this work for an open Zoom to find out more about the two pieces of advice we’re developing and how it will fit in with the decisions the Government will need to make by the end of 2022. This session is to explain our work programme and approach to the advice we’ve been tasked with delivering, rather than share any of the conclusions in our advice.