Emissions budgets

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What are the proposed emissions budgets outlined in the draft advice?

Our analysis shows a range of ways that Aotearoa can meet the 2050 emissions target. This gives us confidence that the budgets we are proposing are achievable under a variety of possible futures.

We have built a range of models to understand the choices we have to make to reduce emissions, what the positive and negative impacts could be, and who might be affected.The first three proposed emissions budgets chart the course for stepping down emissions:

  • Emissions in Aotearoa will need fall about 2% between 2021-25, 17% between 2026-30, and 36% between 2031-35.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels would reduce by around 6%, 15%, and 26% across the first three budgets.
  • Biogenic methane from livestock will need to reduce around 7%, 11% and 16% across the first three budgets.

Each budget must be met, as far as possible, through reducing and removing emissions in Aotearoa.