Heat, industry and power

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Heat, industry and power: what are our key recommendations?

Aotearoa needs to decarbonise how we produce and use energy. We need to move towards a set of diverse and low emission energy sources by 2050.

Aotearoa will need to maximise the use of electricity. This means generating and using more low emissions electricity for vehicles and for process heat.  Building more renewable generation such as wind, solar and geothermal will be required.

Reducing emissions from process heat is key. Other low emission energy sources, such as bioenergy, will be needed.  

Emissions must be reduced at pace while allowing the country to continue to grow. Planning ahead so that technologies, assets and infrastructure can be replaced with low emissions choices on as natural a cycle as possible will help business and industry keep pace with the transition.

Our key recommendations are:

  • We need to almost eliminate fossil fuels. This means ending the use of coal.
  • The homes, buildings and infrastructure we build now will still be here in 2050. We need to think about our choices with climate change in mind. That means using low emissions technologies and prioritising energy efficiency.
  • In the long-term, we will need to reduce how much natural gas we use in homes and businesses.

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