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Transport: what are our recommendations?

Reducing transport emissions is crucial to meeting our climate targets. Action here will have an immediate and lasting impact. Aotearoa can cut almost all transport emissions by 2050. The technology already exists and is improving fast.

In Aotearoa we need to change the way we build and plan our towns and cities and the way people and products move around. This includes making walking and cycling easier with good cycleways and footpaths. It means moving freight off the road and onto rail and shipping. It means reliable and affordable public and shared transport systems. And it means an electric or low emissions transport fleet.

Our key recommendations are:

  • An integrated national transport network should be developed to reduce travel by private car. There needs to be much more walking, cycling and use of public and shared transport.
  • Electric vehicles are key and need to be widely adopted. We want to see the majority of the vehicles coming into New Zealand for everyday use electric by 2035. The government will need to provide support and incentives to make this happen.
  • Use of low carbon fuels, such as biofuels and hydrogen, needs to increase, particularly in heavy trucks, trains, planes, and ships.

Read more in our draft advice report.