Aotearoa context

To achieve our climate targets, all our choices and decisions must consider climate change.

In every role we hold in our lives from business to community to home, we must start thinking about how each choice we make increases or decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

This will prepare us, Aotearoa and the world for the future when this becomes no longer a choice but a necessity.

The Covid-19 pandemic showed the strength of transparent and evidence-based decision-making in Aotearoa. It also showed the power of collective action.

We saw the willingness of New Zealanders to change their lives for a common purpose when faced with a common threat. This is how we need to respond to climate change.

That response must start now because the climate is changing. We can already see it in the warmer, wetter, windier and in places drier weather affecting communities across Aotearoa.

This is also about opportunities – not just what we need to give up.

It’s about how we use known and new technology and innovation to reduce emissions and enhance removals. How we create jobs, grow the economy, and enhance our lives and livelihoods. We must confront choices and trade-offs. But we can create a better world – less vulnerable, more sustainable, and more resilient.

Many organisations and communities are working to reduce greenhouse gases in Aotearoa.