Our core work programme is set out in legislation. The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon). Amendment Act 2019 requires the Commission to deliver seven key functions within specific timeframes. 

The advice we provide to the Government will be strongly rooted in the best available evidence, and analysis. We're building our knowledge of the available technologies and approaches that can reduce emissions in each sector of the economy. We'll talk to people from across Aotearoa about what they would need from our advice to help them make changes and transition to a low emissions economy.

We take this information and analyse it using different economic and engineering models, as well as other quantitative and qualitative analysis. This helps us create different scenarios and investigate what is critical for getting us to our 2050 target – for example what technologies or mitigation actions could deliver the biggest difference.

We then need to test our analysis. We will run a consultation process to ensure people can give us feedback. We’ll incorporate that feedback before releasing our recommendations to Government.

And then – we get to do it all again. While a lot of focus is rightly on our first tranche of advice, we are also focused on the fact that we are around for the long haul. There will be 10 election cycles between now and 2050, and we will be there providing independent, analysis driven advice to all the elected Governments on how Aotearoa can meet its climate change commitments.