2021 International Speaker Series

Videos and transcripts of our International Speaker Series events in 2021

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The shift towards emissions-free transportation

October 2021

In this session we welcomed Monica Araya – electrification advocate and member of the UN Climate Champions’ team – to speak with us about the future of mobility and the role of transport in the global transition to low emissions.

Clean energy in the transition to net zero

October 2021

In this session we were joined by internationally renowned energy economist Michael Liebreich to explore the past, present and future of the global transition to clean energy.

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Race to zero: the UN climate champions

September 2021

In this session we were joined by UN Climate Champion Gonzalo Muñoz to hear about the Race to Zero campaign and what he's hoping for from this year’s UN Climate Change Conference, COP26.

Behaviour change in climate adaptation and mitigation

August 2021

In this session we were joined by Professor Tatiana Filatova in the Netherlands to look at the role of behaviour change in climate action, and what drives people’s decisions to mitigate or adapt to climate change.

Understanding the climate crisis and action in the Pacific Islands

August 2021

In this session we are joined by Dr Hilda Heine & Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner. They share what the climate crisis means for the Pacific Islands and how Aotearoa can work together with its Pacific neighbours.

An audience with environmental economist Suzi Kerr

August 2021

In this session environmental economist Suzi Kerr, Commission Chair Rod Carr and principal economist Chris Holland have a panel discussion on the intersection of climate action, climate change policy and economics.

Exploring the role of international climate finance

July 2021

In this session we are joined by Amal-Lee Amin, Sandra Guzmán and Natalie Unterstell to examine the role of climate finance in an international context, what this means for reaching global targets, and how this translates domestically to financing climate action at home. 

EU strategy for net zero: emissions pricing and policies

July 2021

Professor Jos Delbeke shared his insights on the EU's targets and pathways to 2050, the future of the EU ETS, and what Aotearoa can learn from the experiences in Europe.

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Enabling a just transition for workers and communities

May 2021

Adele Morris and Daniel Raimi, in conversation with commissioners Catherine Leining and Dr Judy Lawrence, share respective insights from their research into communities dependent on fossil fuel industries in the US.

An audience with Chris Greig, Princeton's Andlinger Center

April 2021

Our commission Chair Dr Rod Carr and Commissioner Catherine Leining spoke with Senior Research Scientist Chris Greig. They discuss the potential pathways and impacts of a transition to net zero in both Aotearoa and overseas.

An audience with Professor Frank Convery, UCD

April 2021

Our Commissioners Dr Harry Clark and Catherine Leining joined Professor Frank Convery to discuss the role of agriculture emissions in the transition to a low emissions future, the similarities between Ireland and Aotearoa, and leading the way on climate action.

An audience with Lord Deben, Chair of the UK Committee on Climate Change

March 2021

Climate change is a global issue - so our Commissioner Dr Harry Clark sat down with global leader Rt Hon John Gummer, Lord Deben, Chair of the UK Committee on Climate Change, for an open Zoom on the UK's climate response and what Aotearoa can learn from it.