Learning resources on the NZ ETS

Resources for learning more about the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS)

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) plays an important role as one of the Government's tools for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In the links below you can find resources from the Climate Change Commission and other government agencies about the NZ ETS, how it works, and our role in it.

Resources from other agencies

Our advice on NZ ETS unit limit and price control settings is only a small part of the work that happens on the NZ ETS by the Commission and by other government agencies.  

Other government agencies are responsible for administering the NZ ETS and reviewing, developing and implementing NZ ETS policy, as follows:  


Quick guides

For a quick introduction to the NZ ETS, see our guide: What is the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS)?

For more information about He Pou a Rangi Climate Change Commission's role: Our role in the NZ ETS

Our video resources

Our YouTube channel has many video resources about different aspects of our work. Below are some of our videos that deal with the NZ ETS.

Our annual advice on NZ ETS settings - 4 April 2022 [1:00:57]

Commissioner Catherine Leining and Principal Analyst Eva Murray talk us through what our proposed emissions budgets mean for the NZ ETS.


The role of ETS in our advice - 2 February 2021 [58:58]

In mid-2022, we will be delivering our first annual advice to the Government on the NZ ETS unit limits and price control settings. In this video, our Principal Analysts leading this work provide an overview of the NZ ETS, our approach to delivering this advice, and the role it will play in helping to make the NZ ETS as effective as possible.