Dive into the data for our proposed path to 2035

To understand our modelling and dig into the numbers in more detail, we are sharing the data that sits behind the Commission’s draft advice to government.

Dive into the data for our proposed path to 2035

17 February 2021

To help you dig into our numbers in more detail we have published a selection of the data that sits behind the Climate Change Commission’s modelling and draft advice.

We hope this series provides some insight into how we have carried out our analysis - and arrived at our recommendations for the government’s emissions reduction plan and draft carbon budgets.

This information can also be used during consultation to support your submission on our draft advice.

Sharing information is part of the Commission’s commitment to transparency and ongoing work to share how we work and carry out our analysis.  

This information includes:

  • A data set for the emissions path and additional scenarios we recommend in our draft advice and evidence reports.
  • The underlying data for the figures in the Commission’s 2021 draft advice report.
  • A slide deck from our modelling consultants introducing the Commission’s C-PLAN model and summarising the results we drew on for our draft advice.
  • Distributional impacts (employment) modelling results.
  • Results (and some inputs) from the C-PLAN model that we drew on in our draft advice.

We have also published independent reviews of this data and modelling by experts from Aotearoa and around the world. The reviews confirm the robust quantitative framework developed by the Commission, and support ambitious climate policy proposals.

You can find this information and more on our Data and Modelling page.