Supplementary documents: 'Advice on Agricultural Assistance'

On this page you will find three supplementary documents related to our report, Advice on Agricultural Assistance: How financial assistance could support Aotearoa New Zealand‘s agricultural emissions pricing system (May 2022). You can find more information about this advice in the full report and technical annexes.


Emissions targets of New Zealand’s agricultural export competitors – a literature review 

This document assesses the agricultural emissions policies and regulations for countries that are New Zealand’s main competitors in agricultural trade. 

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Modelling the Impact on Livestock Emissions from New Zealand Emissions Pricing and Global Policy Action 

This document presents modelling results that look at how livestock emissions could change in Aotearoa and the rest of the world under a range of scenarios for pricing, financial assistance and action by competitor countries.  

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An external review of evidence on emissions leakage 

This document presents the findings of an external expert review of ‘Technical Appendix I: Emissions Leakage’, the Commission’s assessment of the literature on emissions leakage. This document also includes a description of the review process.  

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