New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS)

The NZ ETS is an important tool for driving emissions reductions in Aotearoa.

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) is one of the Government’s tools for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The NZ ETS sends price signals to producers, consumers and investors by putting a price on emissions, charging certain sectors of the economy for the greenhouse gases they emit. Its purpose is to help meet international obligations under the Paris Agreement, and the 2050 target and emissions budgets for Aotearoa.  

We want to make the NZ ETS as effective as possible to help Aotearoa  New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy. One way we aim to achieve this is by giving advice on NZ ETS unit limit and price control settings to the Government every year. 

On this page you can find more information about the NZ ETS, our role in supporting it, and our previous advice to the Government about the NZ ETS.