NZ ETS unit limits and price control settings for 2025–2029

Our 2024 advice on updating NZ ETS unit limits and price control settings for the next five years.

About this advice

This report is the 2024 edition of our annual advice to the Minister of Climate Change on updating the NZ ETS unit limits and price control settings, covering the years 2025–2029. The Commission produces this advice as required by section 5ZOA of the Climate Change Response Act 2002.

  • Delivered: 29 February 2024
  • ISSN: 3021-1956 (Print); 3021-1964 (Online)

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Supporting documents

Technical Annex 1: Unit limit settings

This technical annex and accompanying spreadsheet provide further information on the data, methodology, and key assumptions we have taken to reach our final unit limit settings recommendations. These document should be read alongside Part 3: Unit limits of our advice.


Technical Annex 2: Assessment of accordance

This ‘Assessment of accordance’ sets out how we have considered the requirements of section 30GC of the Act: that recommended NZ ETS settings are in accordance with emissions budgets, the nationally determined contribution (NDC), and the 2050 target.


NZ ETS Forestry Model

This model projects allocations and surrenders of forestry NZUs since 2008, subject to user-variable assumptions. It contains data provided by the Ministry of Primary Industries. Within our analysis for NZ ETS settings advice, we have used this model to develop estimates of units held for post-1989 forest harvest liabilities, and of forestry emissions outside of the NZ ETS.

This model should be read in conjunction with the accompanying information sheet. Additional information discussing the assumptions applied within the model is detailed in Technical Annex 1.



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