Response to the Fast-Track Approvals Bill

1 May 2024

In May 2024, the Climate Change Commission wrote to the Minister and Associate Minister of Climate Change to raise concerns about the Fast-track Approvals Bill (the Bill), and how it affects the government's obligations to meet emissions budgets, targets and adapt to the effects of climate change.

This Bill provides a new mechanism for infrastructure developments and projects to be rapidly consented.

Where infrastructure approved under the Bill is prioritised in line with achieving the government’s stated emissions reduction goals, the Bill could remove impediments to the low emissions transition. If infrastructure and development projects instead support emissions intensive activities, these will make it more difficult to meet emissions budgets, put a greater burden of emission reductions on the rest of the economy, and could compromise adaptation options under the National Adaptation Plan. 

We reiterate that the selection of which projects are chosen to be fast tracked should be made in the context of achieving the country’s medium and long-term goals relating to climate change.

You can read our letter here:

2024-05-01 Letter to Hon. Simon Watts and Hon. Nicola Willis – Fast-track Approvals Bill [PDF – 410 KB]