Our Purpose

Our purpose is to guide Aotearoa New Zealand to change in ways that will help address the global problem of climate change.

We provide independent, evidence-based advice to government on climate issues

Our advice is based on research and analysis of different factors that can affect our emissions and the potential impacts and effects of climate change. It helps the government make decisions to help transition to a thriving climate-resilient and low-emissions Aotearoa New Zealand. 

We monitor and review progress towards the country’s goals for reducing emissions and adapting to a changing climate. We also give other advice on policies from time to time.  

Our purpose as the Climate Change Commission is ongoing. As a country, our approach to climate change is planned out until 2050 and beyond. Now and in the future, we will provide the government with independent advice on how Aotearoa New Zealand can address the effects of climate change.

Your voice matters

We will consult with the public regularly. Our mandate is to hear all New Zealanders’ perspectives before making recommendations. When we say we are “going out for consultation”, it means it is your chance to share your views with us. 

You can find information on our consultation, and other opportunities to get involved in our work, on our get involved page