Online submissions

Information about our consultation portal and link to read online submissions.

We established our have your say online portal as the primary channel for people to make submissions online.   
To help provide an accessible consultation, the online consultation portal was structured over three tiers.   

  • Tier one: submitters could simply us their ‘one big thing’ that was pressing for them or upload a bespoke submission document.    
  • Tier two: answering questions on the six ‘big decisions’ that were helping to shape the Commission’s advice.    
  • Tier three: submitters could provide feedback against each of our draft recommendations.   

Submissions received during consultation on our draft advice, that had consent to be published, are now available. Some information has been withheld under the Official Information Act 1982 in order to protect: the privacy of submitters, information which is commercially sensitive, and information which is subject to an obligation of confidence. Where possible, without identifying an individual or a business who wishes to remain anonymous, organisation names are available to search by.

Have your say - online consultation portal 

You can 
also read a full list of the consultation questions. 

Have your say - consultation questions (PDF 296 KB)   

The responses from the portal have been collated. 

Have your say - summarised data from 2021 Draft Advice Consultation (PDF 705 KB)

The tier two question data should be treated with caution as it represents a small subset of the total submissions received (approx 2,000) so is an incomplete data set. Alone it may misrepresent what submitters told us or imply more weight should be given to the results than was intended.   
These questions were never intended as a “vote” but a way of gathering insight to help direct our final analysis process. The subset is also not a random sample so will be more biased towards those with strong views.