Further response to legal proceedings

We recognise the intent of the proceedings is to ensure Aotearoa is taking action to address climate change, and we will engage constructively in this process. 

We have undertaken substantial analysis in developing our advice, including revising our analysis off the back of new information received during consultation. 

We are an evidence-based organisation and are open to challenge. We have looked in depth at the issues raised and will do so again if required. 

We are considering what this means for how we resource our work programme going forward. 

As this is a matter before the court, we are not able to comment any further.  

If you would like information on accounting and the NDC, there is detail throughout our advice and evidence reports. See chapters 9 & 10 of our advice report, and chapter 13 in our evidence base. You can also read an independent short study on the science of mitigation pathways.