Insights from our adaptation indicators workshop

Earlier this month experts joined us to share their thoughts on how to measure progress on the Government’s national adaptation plan.

29 August 2023

On 9 August, 39 experts joined us in Te Whanganui a Tara Wellington for a workshop exploring indicators and metrics we could use to best measure the progress of the Government’s national adaptation plan.

In August 2024, we'll provide the Minister of Climate Change with the first progress report on the implementation, progress and effectiveness of the Government's national adaptation plan, and report every two years thereafter. This workshop is part of our work to develop our monitoring framework and criteria for this.

Each progress report must: 

  • assess the progress of implementation of the plan  
  • judge how well the plan achieves its objectives and responds to risks  
  • identify barriers to implementation and effectiveness, and how those can be managed  
  • include any other relevant matters  
  • consider the issues, where relevant, listed under section 5M of the Climate Change Response Act.

“I was really encouraged by how interested the people who came to the workshop were in contributing to this foundational stage of the work. Everyone was so generous with sharing their wisdom, experience and opinions,” says Adaptation Manager Dr Karen Lavin.   

“Each table came up with ideas for indicators across infrastructure, natural environment, built environment, communities or economy and financial then assessed their suggestions against rationale, risk and limitations. It was a very productive day, and it was lovely to have the chance to kōrero in person. It was the start of an ongoing conversation as we develop our first progress assessment over the year ahead.”  

We are now working through the insights and ideas gained from the workshop and will test them in future engagements in the coming weeks and months.  

If you have any questions about this work, please contact