We are tasked with monitoring and reporting on the government’s progress towards achieving Aotearoa's climate change goals.

Monitoring government progress on climate change

We are tasked with monitoring and reporting on the Government’s progress towards meeting the 2050 target, and on progress against emissions budgets and reduction plans. We also monitor progress on national adaptation plans, specifically looking at the progress made towards implementing the strategies, policies, and proposals included in the plans and their effectiveness. 

The Commission's first annual monitoring report, which will assess progress against the 2050 target, the first emissions budget and the emissions reduction plan, is due in mid 2024.

The Commission will also produce a report at the end of each emissions budget period (approximately every five years), evaluating progress made in that period. The first of these retrospective reports is expected to come out in 2027.

Every two years, the Commission will provide a progress report on the implementation, progress and effectiveness of the Government’s National Adaptation Plan. The first progress report is due in August 2024.

We also have additional monitoring functions, including reporting on progress on primary sector climate change commitments.

Our legislation specifies that the Commission "must act independently in performing its functions and duties and exercising its powers under this Act.”

Our independence means we can provide impartial advice, challenge and hold the Government of the day to account for action on climate change.