Our Kia Toipoto commitment

The Commission is committed to build fairness, inclusion and representation.

Our Kia Toipoto commitment

Our commitment

We’re committed to Kia Toipoto, the Public Service Commission’s Public Service Pay Gaps Action Plan. We recognise that gender pay equity formed the foundation of Kia Toipoto but that addressing equity pay gaps through the strategy now has a much broader focus.

The Climate Change Commission strives to be a fair workplace for all, including people from all ethnic groups, members of rainbow communities, people with disabilities and people with neurodiversities. We are committed to having a high degree of transparency on our work on Kia Toipoto.

What is Kia Toipoto?

Kia Toipoto builds on the success of the Public Service Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2018 – 2021. Kia Toipoto, however, is even more ambitious. It has three key goals, which are to:

  • make substantial progress toward closing gender, Māori, Pacific, and ethnic pay gaps
  • accelerate progress for wāhine Māori, Pacific women, and women from ethnic communities
  • create fairer workplaces for all, including disabled people and members of rainbow communities.

Kia Toipoto comprises six focus areas:

  • Te Pono – Transparency
  • Ngā Hua Tōkeke mō te Utu – Equitable pay outcomes
  • Te whai kanohi i ngā taumata katoa – Leadership and representation
  • Te Whakawhanaketanga i te Aramahi – Effective career and leadership development
  • Te whakakore i te katoa o ngā momo whakatoihara, haukume anō hoki – Eliminating all forms of bias and discrimination
  • Te Taunoa o te Mahi Pīngore – Flexible-work-by-default.

These focus areas are linked to milestones which the Commission will be reporting on as part of our Kia Toipoto Action Plan. More information about Kia Toipoto can be found on the Te Kawa Mataaho website.

Our action plan 

Our Kia Toipoto action plan can be found here: 

2023 Kia Toipoto action plan – [PDF – 169 KB]