Modelling and data: Consultation on emissions reduction target and emissions budgets

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First published: 9 April 2024
Last updated: 2 May 2024

This page provides information about the models that informed our analysis set out in three separate but related consultation documents: 

This supporting material should be read alongside our technical annex for these three projects: Technical Annex: Modelling and analysis [PDF – 1.26 MB]

We used five models to inform our analysis. Here we set out information about the models and how to access them, the assumptions we put into the models, and the results we obtained.

We have released three models. We will continue to improve our models over time, and will update the public versions as appropriate.

The fourth model we used in our analysis is a proprietary model owned by Energy Link.

The fifth model is the FaIR model, developed by a team of UK researchers. They have released it for public use.

The modelling which supported our previous emissions budgets advice is available here: Modelling and data in Ināia tonu nei